The Aigner Art Story


We started the idea of Aigner Art in the UK as Elke, my wife and I came back from a vernissage in winter 2012. We both concluded that the art market is still a niche market, where it is difficult for young artist to make a living and galleries mainly attract buyers from nearby. We started to brainstorm how we can transform the art experience from physical events in galleries to an online platform in order to attract a broader and vivid audience. We wanted it to be fun and engaging for the audience and supportive for young artists. So Aigner Arts mission for an experience driven art space in the Internet was born. It’s a long way to go and there is always a tradeoff between the idea we had in mind and what is possible from a technology point of view. To build our experience we are working in an International team of experts.


Elke and Alexander Aigner


We initially started with paintings of young artists of our own collection. Our house is full of paintings – in fact every wall is used for paintings. But soon we realized that the entry prices of several thousand Euros for our paintings are too high to attract a broader audience.



Art in our home


So we began touring the world – we visited Barcelona, Rome, Ethiopia, Armenia, Kirgizstan, India and China and collected over 4.000 handpicked original handmade paintings.






The symbol in our logo is a fictive character of an Elephant that conquers the world, meets people from all walks of life and shares inspiring stories by watching paintings. We at Aigner Art believe in art as a storyteller: a unique, adventurous and versatile journey


We don´t do commission work at Aigner Art. We always buy what we believe in. An important factor for us is if the artist can convince us that she or he is really pursing an artist career. We don’t buy from hobby artists because we don´t believe that the prices of their art work increases.


As a starting point for Aigner Arts mission to deliver an experience driven art space in the Internet we are providing an immersive 3D interactive photorealistic art exhibition where our visitors can “walk-through” our virtual exhibition rooms. In the near future we plan to support Occulus and Samsung VR gear as well as add special effects to our exhibitions, thus challenging traditional art boundaries and inviting passionate art lovers of all genres to enlarge their vision by immersing themselves into the impeccable precision of 3D art. Subscribe to our newsletter to get Aigner Arts latest information.



Moreover we introduced Aigner Arts online art bistro where visitors can online chat with each other, exchange their ideas and it´s especially fun during our art auctions which usually finish between 7 and 8pm CET and 10-11am CET on weekends. Visit the Aigner Art auction page and bid for your art bargain today.


You can also visit us at our office where we have a collection of our paintings exhibited. Our address:


Heinrich-Krumm-Str. 17

63073 Offenbach




Exhibition in our rooms in Offenbach - Germany


So why Aigner Art?

Consider your advantages and benefits of purchasing from Aigner Art:


Freedom Of Choice: Be inspired by our large collection of over 4,000 unique handmade paintings, searchable by artist, color, genre and style. Find inspiration in the wide variety of themes and motifs.


Maximum Exclusivity: Each piece of art differs from the next, providing the buyer with an individual and unique item. Paintings are hand-signed by the artist.


High-Impact Visual Experience: An augmented reality app provides you with an assistant who “visits” your home to better assist you. You get to virtually hang your unique handmade painting on the wall to see if it fits before buying. This state-of-the-art technology enhances shopping behavior and conveys certainty.


Join Like-Minded Community Of Art Lovers: Become part of an amazing community that loves to hang out together and talk about art both online and offline. Expand your consciousness and awareness; embark on mysterious adventures by experiencing our 3D interactive photorealistic art exhibitions. We challenge the status quo by providing immersive art entertainment.


Save Money: Our handpicked original paintings come at affordable prices.


Convenience: Worldwide delivery within 3-5 days. According to customer preferences, all paintings can be delivered in various conditions, from rolled canvas to ready-to-hang.


Guarantee: Return and exchange without hassle within 30 working days. Risk free. Fulfilled by Amazon.


Premium Service: Our live chat enables you to talk in real time and get help fast. The chat is available during office hours.


Custom Tailored Consulting: Our top-notch, well-equipped team of practitioners with vast frontline experience will help you find your special handmade painting. We offer customized art creation and interior decoration consulting.


Uplifting Artwork And Honoring Artists


Aigner Art values the artwork and honors the artist, the influences, and the history. Feel free to head over to our blog and browse through our colorful, unique and inspiring stories. Get to know the artists better, the brains and hearts behind each masterpiece. The artist, after all, is just as important as the artwork itself.


Furthermore, the knowledge bank contains brief historical accounts of featured contemporary art genres and how they have emerged over time.


We invite you to explore our large collection of original handmade paintings from famous artists such as Gustav Klimt to student artists and budding talents.


If you love Art, you will love our Gallery.