Aigner Art is an online gallery offering a huge variety of contemporary oil paintings. For all of our paintings Aigner Art offers expedited delivery and 30 days risk free return fulfilled by Amazon.

Aigner Art showcases paintings of contemporary artists. Although under the contemporary art umbrella, the paintings are of various styles and subjects – abstract, landscapes, nudes, religion, seascapes, gardens, buildings, etc. Aigner Art promotes such diversity in its collections to acknowledge and showcase the different products of artistic expression by each painter.

The collections are categorized according to themes, rather than by artist. Aigner Art promotes not only famous artists such as Gustav Klimt, but also student artists. There is a place for budding talents in Aigner Art. You will find several pieces by student artists, which can be purchased online exclusively.

Aigner Art is also a hub for 3D interactive photorealistic art exhibitions, which are hosted regularly. 3D Art has grown to be a breathtaking genre, especially because of the increasing number of artists producing fine 3D art pieces. Aigner Art 3D interactive photorealistic art exhibitions display the impeccable precision of 3D art, which can even pass off as realistic photographs. 3D photorealistic paintings have a distinct character and depth in their quality, as if vividly immortalizing the subjects. The process by which these paintings are extremely challenging, as the slightest change in angle can alter the entire painting. Through the regular exhibitions, Aigner Art pays homage to the works of artists who have dedicated so much passion in creating larger-than-life art.

Aigner Art values not only the artwork itself but also the artist, the influences, and the history. The Art Blog section contains a wealth of information about the artists featured in Aigner Art. The artist, after all, is just as important as the art work itself. Get to know the brains and hearts behind each masterpiece. Aigner Art’s knowledge bank also contains brief historical accounts of featured contemporary art genres and how they have emerged over time.

Feel free to explore the various sections of our website. Soak up the art and knowledge. If you wish to possess any of the paintings, click on the painting and then the link below the image to be redirected to the purchase section.

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