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200 Years Städel Museum - Monet exhibition - Founder of Impressionism

(Dejeuneur - 1874 Claude Monet - Source: Städel Museum) 

200 Years Städel Museum - Monet exhibition - Founder of Impressionism

The Städel Museum in Frankfurt celebrate 200th anniversary with an exhibition with works by claude monet with loans from museums around the world. Some works are presented for the first time to the public. 

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The Hobbit Illustrations and Concept Art

A look into the conceptualization and illustrations of The Hobbit, from black and white ink drawings to CGI art. 

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Interior Decor Ideas Inspired by Harvest Colours

Get inspired by Mother Nature and her gorgeous harvest colours - cranberry, mustard yellow, hazelnut brown, and many more.

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Au port: oil painting 60x90cm/24x36inches

Beautiful collection of boats

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Decorating your Workplace with Office Artwork

Private Lounge Area (focused)

Your office may be in a building that’s not yours. It may be company property but one thing’s for sure. You will be working there for at least 8 hours a day. It is essentially yours. How you adorn your corner is completely up to you, as long as you do not violate office policies (e.g. vandalism). However, even if your decoration should be an expression of your taste and style, there is still a certain image that you would like to project to your colleagues and clients. You don’t have to limit your self-expression to please your clients. 

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The 1911 Theft of Mona Lisa: Famous Suspects and a Patriotic Thief


Art theft has a certain aura of romanticism and this overindulgent view, especially from the broad audience, may have something to do with how the first art heists in history happened, later inspiring even Hollywood productions.

Probably the most famous art heist in history and the first in a row of many others that followed is the theft of Mona Lisa from the equally famous Louvre in 1911. A two-year long investigation was needed to finally identify the thief, and even then, it all happened merely due to the thief’s lack of patience, then to police skill in catching perpetrators. 

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How to Stretch Your Own Canvas


Why bother to stretch your own canvas when there’s less effort involved in buying one? There are three convincing reasons for the DIY option:  It’s more economical, it’s more versatile, and it’s more personal.

Imagine, you decided for a new painting for your living room and it’s delivered in a roll and as a hobby craftsmen you sometimes like to entertain yourself with some manual work. It’s exciting and rewarding, to frame the latest piece of art you bought, by yourself and give it a personal touch.

Now, the final product depends on your ability to learn how to stretch your own canvas. While stretching your own canvas doesn’t work for everyone, you may also be pleasantly surprised to find out that with some precision and practice, you’ll be able to get good results.

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The Just Judges: The Famous 1934 Theft


The Ghent Altarpiece, also known as the “Adoration of the Mystic Lamb”, is an impressive work of art, with a personal turbulent history. Thought to have been created by Hubert and Jan van Eyck during the 15th century, the masterpiece is comprised of 12 panels, 8 of them being kept with hinges to the central pieces. The wings are painted on both sides, creating different perspectives when they are closed or open. A famous case of art theft is also connected with the Ghent Altarpiece, as in April 1934, two panels were retrieved from the masterpiece, and one was never recovered.

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Decorating your Living Room: 10 Facts to Consider

Comfortable living room

The bedroom is the most important room for the homeowner, but the living room is just as crucial. The living room is where guests gather, so it has to be a place where good impression is created. You do not have to put up an extravaganza just to wow your guests. Moreover, visuals are not the only criterion for impressing them. They should feel at home and relaxed the minute they step into the room, and that can be done through the most subtle ways.

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